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Included in our graphic design section are samples of annual reports, brochures, logo designs, banners and strategic documents.

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Blue360 takes concepts to promotion with flare. Branding your project or organization requires a bit of creativity and use of local resources. Check out the branding work we’ve done with social enterprises.






Capturing personalities, emotions and human connections is our focus when photographing project sites or building campaign material.

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We want to realize a better world.

We want to realize a better world.

Blue = our blue planet

360 = the perspective needed to: address social challenges, manifest ingenuity and identify life changing opportunities

Established in 2001 under the name Creative Solutions International, Blue360 is a social marketing agency supporting social enterprises, non-profit organizations and other entities with a social mission to realize their project’s full potential. Blue360 combines business marketing methodologies with best practice behavior change communication techniques to improve societal conditions. Blue360 is more than a marketing agency, it’s a marketing agency with a conscience.

Blue360 is registered in Uganda working with a diverse range of working professionals around the world who share a common vision. We believe that development work should not create dependency or stagnation of personal development, rather it should strive to leave behind a legacy of natural behaviors that benefit society.

Stemming from this belief…

Our Vision:

We believe that social marketing is an effective tool to transform social stress into opportunities that make a better world.

Our Mission:

Blue360 is committed to contributing to the UN Millennium Goals by offering comprehensive marketing services to social enterprises, humanitarian and non-profit organizations, and other entities with a social mission across our blue planet.

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Realize your project's full potential

Five areas of services provided by Blue360 Marketing

1) Market Research 

It almost goes without saying that if you want to make meaningful connections and mutually beneficial exchanges with your intended beneficiaries, you really need to know who you are talking to.  We have the means to research your target group’s attitudes, opinions and perceptions on topics that are important for your organization. Our goal is to give you good information that will help management find new ways to connect with individuals and communities.

Research services include:

- Conducting focus groups

- Designing survey instruments and canvassing areas

- Interviews with key stakeholders

- SPPS data analysis

- Presentation of research results


2) Strategic Marketing and Communications

In public speaking, what needs to be said is more important than how it’s said. However, when communicating to a wide and diverse audience, both are equally important. How the world, staff and beneficiaries perceives your organization is at the heart of every management’s concern.

To start with, Blue360 will work with you to construct a strategic plan to guide your marketing and communications efforts. By formulating key messages, tones, mandatories and data, you’re one step closer to building a successful communication strategy.

We use effective marketing techniques to build message cohesiveness at all levels of implementation. For instance, our Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) approach will ensure your message is clear and concise whether you’re approaching government partners, end-users or even your staff. Everyone needs to be on the same page.

The strategic marketing and communication plan must remain a living document. Part of our services is to train your staff to know how to keep your strategic plan dynamic and alive. It’s not about the plan but the planning.


3) Brand Promotion and IEC Creation

Need help building brand equity with your target group? Blue360 is ready to take your brand to the next level. We believe a strong brand makes human connections without saying too much. With one look, people should know what your organization does.

To create a legacy of natural positive behaviors, Blue360 uses evidence-based research to construct easy-to-use and interactive IEC (information, education, communication) training materials. These materials are designed to make it possible for your target groups to feel connected to story lines and take ownership of their own behavior change.


4) Visual Communications

Make your work look professional and worthy of all you hard effort.  Blue360’s design studio is able to handle all your visual communication needs. This includes:

1> Graphic Design: We have extensive experience designing and managing print production of annual reports, brochures, training manuals and conceptualizing front-end graphics for websites.

2> Brand Creation: This includes logo design, graphic standards, color schemes, tagline and merchandising concepts.

3> Web Development: We build websites using WordPress, a leading content management application. We also train staff on how to use WordPress to keep your site dynamic and engaging.

4> Power Point Presentation Development and Training: Next time you give a presentation give it a customized look. We’re able to tailor your PowerPoint template to reflect important visual elements of your organization. Furthermore we provide training to improve the quality of the presentation. We want people to say, “Wow! This really stands out from all the other presentations I’ve seen.”

5> Photography and Illustration: Visual representations of your work needs to be captured or rendered in order to fully communicate what you do. We provide a variety of styles and photography services to make this possible. Photography services include site visits.

6> Print Management: Having difficulty coordinating with printing houses to get the final product out the door? Not sure why images are coming out blurry or color palettes seem to be dull? Or worse yet, which paper to choose? We have the technical experience to help you through the printing process.


5) Project Evaluation

How effective is your project? Is it having an impact with your intended target population? Blue360 offers project evaluation to help determine if your project is reaching its full mark and creating positive impact.


The Blue360 Client Building Process

The Blue360 Client Building Process



























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